Confusion about Desk Buying!

After 20+ years designing and working with business and home office clients, the industry of office furniture has not made things any easier for clients to understand. It is with that plan in mind that I have decided to help people in many industries figure out the not so secret steps to office furniture planning and purchasing.


Today I have chosen to start with what we all work on, our desks. You can work on a piece of plywood, however, that doesn't fill the need for storage , organization, or ease of multiple tasking.


What is underneath your desk is equally important to what is on top. When I speak of desks, I exclude the mention, or recommendation of buying paper wrapped products, which are flat in a box desks made of low pressure melamine, and held together with no more than a prayer, in my opinion. These are the types of desks most big box stores carry, and often result in becoming literally a moving target over time. The most economical solutions for desks start with high pressure laminate products offered and our website:


They offer some of the best quality in laminate products,desks,files,credenzas,conference tables and more. Many with Super Edge 3 mm PVC edge banding which is durable beyond compare, and highly resistant to scratching, chipping or peeling. Deciding what to put under your work surface is equally as important as the desk material you choose. Desk drawers come in several configurations, such as a 2 drawer box/file pedestal , which doesn't touch the floor as it is positioned,(includes one junk drawer and one file drawer), another 2 drawer file/file pedestal(2 file drawers) which touches or comes close to touching the floor, and a 3 drawer pedestals,(2 junk drawers, one file drawer) which also touches the floor. Make sure not to overbuy on the drawers, because that is always where the money is, and where the manufacturers make their money. If you really need a lot of filing, many manufacturers offer lateral file pedestals for under the side return on an L unit, or under a credenza unit. These drawers are usually 30"-32" wide. So make sure if you plan on using one to remember that they do take up knee space under your work surfaces. Also remember that an L unit takes up no more room that a just a desk, because you need to leave approximately 36" behind your desk to pull your chair in and out. Desk hutches are also a wonderful way to add storage on top, and take up no more than an inch in width on both hutch ends, barely interfering with the work surface.


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