Making Smart Office Furniture Choices

Even though office furniture is a necessity, it does more than just provide a place to accomplish work. It influences how we feel, how productive we are, and how we can further enjoy our workplace. When deciding on what type of desk you need, make sure to take into account how much surface area you want,an L unit versus a U unit or desk and separate credenza, and how much storage underneath the desk you need. There are various drawer configurations, for example 2 drawer pedestals, 3 drawer pedestals, and 2 file drawer pedestals. For those of you that do a lot of filing, most desks come with lateral files available to add under your returns and credenzas. Don't forget that hutches which go above your desks only take up an inch on either end of the desk, and are usually narrower than your desk or credenza width. They are a great answer to additional storage, without taking up additional floor space. Once you have thought about these few specifics, your desk choice is sure to match your work style.


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